5 Unique Gift Ideas For Father's Day 2020

Father's Day is quickly approaching this year (it is Sunday, June 21, 2020 in case you are unsure of the exact date) and if you are at all like me finding a gift can prove rather difficult. My eternal search for the best Father's Day gift has come up with more than a few duds. So with that in mind I am going to provide a list of 5 sure fire Father's Day Gift Ideas for you. With that said let's get to the good stuff so you can avoid another boring Father's Day Gift.

Fathers Day Pie Gift Idea

1.) Pie of Month Subscription - Yes, this really is a thing and there are quite a few Pie of the Month subscription options. If your dad is anything like mine then he LOVES pie, specifically apple, but really anything in the pie format will do. After looking at the list provided I may actually end up going with a three month subscription to Goldbelly. Most of the options have delivery restriction and/or have a rather high monthly cost. Goldbelly is $50 a month with free shipping so that one looks like a winner for me.

Frustrated Dad Trying to Solve a Puzzle

2.) Puzzles! - Shocker, I know. However, brain teasers really do make an amazing gift. They help keep the mind sharp and focused while also providing a great deal of fun. You can go with a 3 Puzzle Gift set if you want to provide a bit of variety such as The Gamut or Master's Edition. If your Dad tends to be the smartest person in the room (like mine) I highly suggest going with an extremely difficult puzzle like the Ramube Octohedron, Calibron 12, Dragon Burr, or Martin's Menace. See how smart he is after spending a couple of hours with one of those monsters.

Fathers Day hot Sauce Gift Ideas

3.) Hot Sauce - This one may or may not apply to your Dad. In the case of mine he puts hot sauce in his cereal so it is absolutely one of his favorites. Over the years I have bought more bottles of hot sauce than I can count from every brand under the sun. To simplify things I will put three standouts in a neat little list with links to where you can obtain more information and purchase them.

Custom Football Book For Fathers Day Gift

4.) New York Times Custom Football Book - This one is really cool. You can have a book put together of your Father's favorite football team, which we all know is the Philadelphia Eagles, full of trivia and history. What more needs to be said? He can relive all of the amazing Sunday's spent watching America's Game.

Great Game Gifts for Fathers Day

5.) Games! - Sitting down around the dinner table for a family game night can provide hours of enjoyment, not to mention the memories. Everyone knows about the classics such as Poker, Monopoly, Scrabble, and so forth, but what about something a bit different? While you may have never heard of Penny Drop or Shut the Box after playing a few rounds you will quickly discover they deserve a place in the rotation. Since these are relatively unknown games it might help to know how each are played: