Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers

    Christmas and Teachers Day Gift Ideas Puzzles and Games for the Classroom

    Teachers spend their day helping kids learn and prepare for life. They deserve appreciation, but how do you show it? Whether it is a gift for Teacher's Day or the Holidays a personalized puzzle for the classroom or their home will surely bring a smile to their face. Just about all of our brain teasers will fit perfectly in the classroom. We also have games which assist with learning that can help your teacher teach math and develop social skills. Below is a list of a few puzzles, brain teasers, and games which make the best gifts for your favorite teacher.

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  2. Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Under 20 Dollars

    Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Under 20 Dollars for Puzzles

    The search for the best White Elephant gift and staying under 20 dollars is no easy task. Instead of a joke, funny, or prank gift why not try something they will actually enjoy and keep like a puzzle? We have a fantastic selection of puzzles, brain teasers, magic tricks, and 3d puzzles that will be at the top of everyone's White Elephant list when selection the best gift. Below is a hand picked selection sure to impressive the office, your friends, coworkers, or family at this year's White Elephant party. You can also browse our entire selection of puzzles between $10 - $20.00.

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  3. Inexpensive Puzzle and Magic Trick Stocking Stuffers

    Inexpensive Puzzle and Magic Trick Stocking Stuffers

    Christmas morning isn't complete without a stocking stuffed with goodies! Instead of the normal candy and gift cards why not go with something more unique like a puzzle or even a magic trick? We have a bunch of inexpensive brain teasers perfect for stocking stuffers. Below is a select list of some of my favorite puzzles and brainteasers around $10.00 or less.

    Mind Reader Math Magic Cards - Perfect Socking Stuffer Gift

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  4. Christmas Puzzle And Game Guide For Adults

    Christmas Puzzle And Game Guide For Adults

    What do you buy your Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa for Christmas? What about an Uncle, Aunt, Teacher, or Neighbor? It can be hard finding an affordable gift that will not just end up in a junk drawer or forgetten about in a couple weeks. Finding the best present can be a puzzle in and of itself! Social games and difficult puzzles are a surefire way to get a genuine thank you for a present they may not have expected. For the brainiac in the family go with one of our hardest puzzles or perhaps a game to play with the family events or social gatherings will be better. What about a puzzle for their desktop or coffee table? Either way Creative Crafthouse has you covered. See below for our Holiday Season picks in this Christmas Gift Guide.

    Hardest Puzzles

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  5. Gift Ideas For Teenagers Who Love Puzzles and Games

    A Christmas Gift Guide for Teenagers Who Love Wood Puzzles and Games

    Finding an inexpensive Christmas present a teenager will actually enjoy is no easy task. Even more so given how everyone wants the newest electronic device for the Holidays. However, something you may not have considered are the engaging qualities of a good brain teaser or puzzle box. Teenagers love to keep things hidden away making puzzle boxes a perfect gift idea. In addition to secret boxes puzzles look fantastic on a desk or shelf. Not only are they fun to solve, but can be conversation starters amongst friends. It is hard to keep your hands off a quality lock box or try not solve a puzzle when it is infront of you. Below are some hand picked selection sure to become memorable gifts they will hold on to for years to come.

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  6. Christmas Puzzle, Toy, and Game Gift Ideas for Kids Age 4-1 2

    Christmas Puzzle Gift Guide for Children 12 and Under

    One of the best attributes of puzzles is that they appeal to all ages. Even a toddler can find a puzzle or toy they can enjoy which will provide mental stimulation, entertainment, and life long benefits. As they grow older and learn more difficult and different styles of brain teasers can be introduced. Another wonderful aspect of wood puzzles is that they can last a life time. A child can keep their brainteasers as keepsakes or mementos as they grow older and find new ways to enjoy them

    Ages 4-8

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  7. Christmas Gift Guide for Wood Puzzles and Games

    Christmas Gift Guide for Wood Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Games, and Toys

    Welcome to the Creative Crafthouse Holiday Gift Guide!

    It is that time of year again. The Holiday Season is upon us and with it comes the challenge of finding that perfect gift. Picking out the ideal present can be difficult. Brain teasers and games can make things easier as they appeal to all ages and interests. For the adult looking for a challenge go with one of our most difficult puzzles. For toddlers and younger children we have a wide selection of toys and wood puzzles ideal in assisting their mental development. There are even puzzles suited for the ever difficult teenager. And did I mention stocking stuffers? Add a few inexpensive puzzles or brainteasers to a Christmas stocking for an extra special Christmas morning.

    If you are looking for a more social activity why not try your hand with new board game? I bet there are some 

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  8. Christmas Gift Ideas for Medical Professionals

    Christmas Gift Ideas for Doctors Nurses and Medical Professionals

    Just about every has had a medical professional impact their life in a meaningful way. It could be the dentist which took care of a painful cavity or a nurse looking after a loved one. Finding a unique way to show your appreciation can prove difficult. Creative Crafthouse has designed an ever growing collection of puzzles specifically designed for this. Our medical brainteasers make wonderful heartfelt gifts. Each one can have your Doctors name engraved on the frame in addition to a personal message engraved on the cover ensuring your gift will be memorable for years to come. Maybe even earning a coveted spot in the office.

    For customization you can enter in the doctors name in the required field just prior to checkout. If you would like a longer message engraved on the cover please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

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