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A Puzzle for You

Helping you decide what puzzle to start with.

Need help deciding which puzzle to start with? Hopefully I can help with that.

by Chris Combs • March 01, 2021

It probably comes as no surprise that we have a ton of puzzles. We have so many puzzles it's hard to pick a place to start, so hopefully I can help with that decision. Our puzzles are actually rated in difficulty from one being the easiest and five being the most challenging. No matter what level of puzzler you are we have something for you.

Secret Lock box, Stash Box, and Cash Out are just a few puzzles we have.

Among our level one puzzles are Two Piece Pyramid and Crazy loops. Two Piece Pyramid is my favorite of the two and probably the one I've played with the most. This puzzle is crafted from rubberwood and consists of only two pieces. All you have to do is try and form a pyramid out of the two pieces. It seems easier than it actually is, but shouldn't take too long for you to solve. 

Let's start off easy

After that is Level two puzzles which include 10 penny puzzle, Cruiser Puzzle and Double Square. All of these have been pretty popular, however my favorite is the 10 Penny Puzzle. It's a simple puzzle cut from floorboard material to be scratch resistant. We also include 10 shiny new pennies, so you don't have to use dirty ones. The goal is to get all 10 pennies provided to fit into the frame. There's only one solution and it's more difficult than it seems. At this difficulty it may take a few minutes to solve.

Can you fit all 10 pennies in the frame?

Next is our level three puzzles and this brings with it a degree of difficulty that will probably frustrate some. In this difficulty you have Around the Barn, Dewey's Dilemma, and Patience Box. Dewey's Dilemma is my personal favorite from this difficulty. It's an interesting puzzle because there are a few different ways you can solve it and each has its challenges. To start though, just arrange the authors so that no consecutive numbers, books from the same author, or heights next to each other. Puzzles in this difficulty may take you more than a few minutes to solve, if not an hour or so.

This one can be customized to have your favorite books

Chugging along, we come to Level 4 puzzles. In this difficulty we have City Planner, Devil's Cube, Horse Lovers, and Splitting Headache. My favorite here is the City Planner, because I can actually solve it. If you'd like a challenge, just remove the wooden pieces from the base and try to fit them all back in. The pieces are a variety of shapes and sizes and force you to really think about how to best fit them back into the base. Good luck solving this difficulty level in a few hours. However this level of puzzle isn't nearly as bad as what's next.

How many pieces can you fit in the base?

Coming in as the most difficult is our Level 5 puzzle collection. In this range we have Calibron 12, Martin's Menace and Sudoku Cube. I can't talk about level five puzzles without talking about Martin's Menace. This puzzle is typically the one I show people that visit the shop and want a challenge. Martin's Menace comes in two sizes and is cut from hardwoods. The goal here is to fit the four pieces into the frame. That's right, it's only four pieces, yet a good time to solve this is a few days. This puzzle is so challenging we don't even include the solution. If you're seeking a challenge, then look no further.

Good luck solving this anytime soon!

Regardless of how long you've been puzzling, we have something that can provide a challenge. Try one of the puzzles I mention here and let us know how long it takes you to solve.

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