Whirli-Gear Toy - classic whirligig or buzzsaw toy -our design


A particularly nice all wood form of this traditional and historical toy made in our Florida shop.
Our Whirli-Gear is a form of a Whirligig, also known as button spinners, buzzers, buzzsaws, and a host of other names. They have been known throughout the centuries.  Native American cultures had their own version of this toy in 500 BC.  They were common in 17th century Europe.  Many a child of the Great Depression from the southern Appalachians and Ozarks remembers a button or token and a string as the primary spinning toy of their youth.
To use the Whirli-Gear, hold a handle in each hand and wind up the string by spinning the wheel as if you were spinning a jump rope.  Then, move your hands slowly together and apart.  With a small amount of practice you can get the gear spinning back and forth repeatedly, kind of like a yo-yo.  It will make a slight buzzing or whirring sounds as it spins very fast.
Watch the video for details of the product and how to use it.  The 2nd video below shows Aiden Bradd of Illinois who has mastered it:)

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