Magic Math Candles - astounding math puzzle/ trick


An astounding math magic trick that leaves people with their chin on the floor:)
"How did you do that!" is the phrase I hear most after presenting this puzzle.

The math candles are each about 3.75" x 7/8" precision cut from 1/4" thick wood.  They are very strong.  They will stand up in the provided base. The base is about 5.5" x 2" oval.

Ask someone to select any or all of the math candles and place them in the holder in any order they would like.  Note the candles are double sided so they can orient them in many ways.   With the candles side by side, there will be 5 rows of horizontal numbers. Provide a calculator and instruct them to add these 5 rows of numbers.  In the photo for example they would need to add:
 69, 642 + 12,545 + 45,283 + 54,769 + 52,526. 
 Looks pretty difficult doesn't it.   However, you will within a second be able to write down the sum.  See the video for details on the trick an how it is done.
Great fun and can be done by ages 11+.

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