Haselgrove Box - Can you remove the pcs? Based on Egypt pyram


The Haselgrove box is a unique puzzle based on the locking mechanisms of the Egyptian pyramids. The Egyptians had knowledge of this type mechanism and used it sealing the pyramids.  The object of this puzzle is to "open" or more accurately remove the pieces from the box.  There are a series of moves you will need to make to release the locking mechanism.  Since you can't see inside the box, you must essentially solve it blind but listening to sounds as the blocks move around inside.

Once open, you’ll notice that the larger piece viewed sideways on, is in the shape of a J while if you look at the top face it takes on the shape of a letter H; The initials of its British inventor, Jennifer Haselgrove.

This is a particularly high quality version of this puzzle, level 4 degree of difficulty, and a great value. Measures 3.5 x 3.25 x 3.25" Comes with excellent instructions written by our puzzle master, Mike Czerwinski.  

The video below will explain clearly how the puzzle works as well as how to reload the pieces back into the box once you have solved the puzzle.

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