Star Jump - 2 Logic puzzles to play


An attractive all wood set with cover, measures about 5.25 Sq x 1 3/8" deep

Game 1: Start with all the balls on the board except for 1 open space. Select a ball that can jump over an adjacent ball and land in an empty space, moving in straight lines only (no jumping around corners). Remove the ball that was jumped over. (like in checkers). Continue this process and see if you can get down to one ball remaining.

Game 2: Empty the board. Pick up a ball. Start at any open space and count exactly two more holes in a straight line (no moving around corners) and deposit the ball. Balls cannot be moved once placed. Repeat this process trying to get 9 balls on the board (all holes filled except for one). Note you are allowed to jump over a placed ball as long as you start in an empty space and land in an empty space.

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