Chessboard Polyominoes set jumbo


 Chessboard Polyominoes Puzzle in a very unusual large size, and one of our highest quality puzzles. It is large enough to actually play chess or checkers on , measuring approx 9" x 9"

This is a design from Jean Claude Constantin.

This puzzle consists of 14 polyomino pcs (also see photo below):
Three triominoes(3 blocks), Six tetraminoes(4 blocks), Two pentominoes(5 blocks), One hexamino(6 blocks), One heptamino(7 blocks) and One octamino(8 blocks) all housed in a heavy duty wood base.

These pcs will make the chessboard in 6 different ways. It is difficult to find even 1 solution (we provide all 6).

Additionally. the pieces will make a 4x4x4 Cube in 3 different ways, also very difficult. We provide all 3 solutions
A great challenge in a beautiful and high quality puzzle!


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