Magic Mentalist Cards – fun and amazing trick easy to perform


You have a box set with 6 laser engraved wood cards each about 5.4” x 1.4”and about ¼” thick.  Each card has the Word MAGIC written across the top.  Below each of the word MAGIC  letter is a number.  The numbers of the 6 cards are all different.   

Here is the effect...  Ask 5 people to each select one card, it is not necessary that you know which cards they have.  There will be one remaining, so set that aside.

Announce that you are going to write down a number on a piece of paper.  Fold it and set it aside.

Next ask one person to shout out a number below the letter M on their card.  Any person can do this.  Write that number down.  Next, a different person gives you the number below the letter A on their card.  Write down that number below the first number (as we will be adding all the numbers).  Next, a third person gives you the number below G on their card.  Then a fourth person gives you the number below I and the fifth person the number below C.   Now everyone has contributed 1 number.

Ask someone to add up all 5 numbers.  Once this is done and announced, open the piece of paper that you had set aside at the beginning of the trick.  You will have written down a matching nmber.

This trick can be performed with less than 5 people of course.  Just divide up the cards between whoever is there, or even give them all to one person.    Just make sure that each card is only used one time when numbers are provided.

Want to know how it’s done?   I have put the answer on the attached video along with a variation in the presentation that you may find interesting.   This trick is easy to perform when you know the secret and requires no special math skills.

Note that we can customize these cards.  Instead of the word MAGIC, we could use any 5 letter word.  It could be a your name, or a company name, or it could even be 5 different symbols or pictures (vector artwork needed for pictures).  There would be an added charge for this, so contact me on the side if you are interested.

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