Opticum 3 Secret Message – your own custom secret sign puzzle


Opticum 3 is a font that embeds hidden messages into something that looks like a labyrinth maze.  When laser engraved into wood the effect is fascinating. You won’t notice anything at  first except an interesting design.  But, if you know how to view, suddenly a message will appear!

The secret is to tilt it a wide angle.  Then if the light shading is correct (not too bright, not too dark), you will see the message clear as can be!

I recommend you watch the video to get a good idea of what this is about.

I’m sure you can imagine a number of fun things that could be done with this.  It is also something that Escape Rooms may want to consider as a means of providing certain clues. We also thought this product would be great for weddings, anniversary's, births, love notes, graduations, special events, lists for favorite scriptures, house warmings, etc..

This offering is for a standard size of about 4.5” x 9”.  It can hold 5 lines of text, with each line limited to 10 letters and spaces.   Please indicate your  message to me with your order.  You can contact me at CreativeCrafthouse@gmail.com or inut the text on the space below.   Note the fewer lines or letters you use within your message means the size of each letter can be made larger.

I can make smaller or larger signs to your specification, feel free contact  me.  Signs as small as 3.5 x 5 are possible using fewer letters and I can do up to about 17” x 23” max.

I can also vary the outer shape.  It is possible for example to embed the message within a heart shape.  Make a great present for a loved one.

We also can make a custom sign of almost any size and shape also.   For example, it could be a heart shape with a secret message on the heart.  Please contact me directly for that at CreativeCrafthouse@gmail.com

This is something in particular that Escape Rooms may be interested in.  Clues could be placed in the sign.  Or, you could hide sections of the sign to be assembled and then read as a clue.

Note, there are a few letters that don't translate that clearly in opticum as they are hard to read.  They are Q, K, X, 7, $, @, #, %     We recommend avoiding these letters in your message.   K can be used, but it looks similar to an H. 



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