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pentomino is a plane geometric figure formed by joining five equal squares edge to edge. It is a polyomino with five cells. There are twelve pentominoes pieces representing all configurations that the 5 squares can be joined.   Pentominoes were formally defined by American professor Solomon W. Golomb starting in 1953 

Pentomino are a wonderful hands-on way to develop spatial sense and problem-solving abilities and are used in classrooms as well as by recreational math and puzzle enthusiasts. 

There are thousands of challenged possible.  For example,

3X20 rectangle can be made 2 ways          

4X15 rectangle can be made 368 ways

5X12 rectangle can be made 1010 ways     

6X10 rectangle can be made 2339 ways

Smaller rectangles of 3X5, 4X5, 5X5, 5X6 etc… can also be made in many different ways

There are a number of puzzles which are solved using only some of the pieces; for example,

The Triplication Problem

Select any one of the pentominoes.  Then using 9 from the remaining pieces, make a shape which is the same as the originally selected pentomino, only 3 times larger on all dimensions (9 times bigger in area).

Internet searches will provide near endless opportunities for challenges and learning opportunities.

We offer a number of different sizes and styles of pentominoes.

This size small set comes with base and cover and measures about 5.75” x 3.75” x .9” in the box.  The pieces have a square cross section so it is possible to make 3D shapes towards challenges that can be found on the internet.


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