45 Game & Factors Game - 2 math educational fun games in 1 set


There are 2 fun and educational games in this set.

The 45 game uses basic addition skills and the Factors game uses basic multiplication and division skills and reinforces the concepts of factors and multiples.  Both games in their own right are just fun to play beyond any educational benefits.

The board set is about 7.5” square x 1.5” deep and made in our Hudson, Florida shop.

My thanks to Teresa Evans from MakingMathMoreFun.com for allowing us to use these terrific game ideas and covert them to a wood set.

The Factors Game Rules

2 to 4 players.  Each player selects a colored flat marker and places a marker on a start space.

Players take turns to throw the dice.

For each turn a player can move one space but only to an adjacent number that is a multiple of the number thrown on the dice.  For example, if you are on space #5 and you roll a “3”, then you may move to space #9 or space #6 as 3 is a factor of either of these numbers.   You could not move to spaces #10.  If you rolled a “4” on the dice, you could not move at all as neither 6, 9, or 10 is a have 4 as a factor.  If not possible to move then the player forfeits his turn. You may not move to a space occupied by an opponent.

The first player to reach the top is the winner

Alternate Rule you may opt to play: If you land on an opponent you send him back to start.

The 45 Game Rules

2 to 4 players.   Each player selects a colored peg. Players take turns to throw the dice.

The player may move onto the board to a space that has the number shown on the dice.

Players then take turns to throw the dice and add the number shown to the number under their

marker. A player then moves up to this space only if this total is in a space adjoining the space he is on, e.g. A player on 5 who throws 2 ( 5+2=7) can’t move as no 7 adjoins the 5 space.  A player on 5 who throws 4 (5+4=9) can move to the 9 space.

You may not move to a space already occupied by another player. If you cannot make a legal move, play passes on to the next person.

The first player to reach the top  45- is the winner.

Alternate rule you may opt to play: If you land on an opponent, you send the opponent back to start.



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