Five Field Kono - 2 player strategy game of Korean origin


Five Field Kono –  two player strategy game originating from Korea.  Also called o-pat-ko-no.

Features a handcrafted wood base and cover with wood pegs.  Measures about 7.5” square and made in our Hudson, Florida shop.

The origin date  of this game is unknown, with some dating it to medieval times.   It was first described in English by the ethnographer Stewart Culin in 1895. Some believe this game is the origin of what later became called Chinese Checkers in the west.

Two players each try to get their pieces across the board to the opposite side. The first to occupy the starting positions of his opponent wins the game . As well as moving one’s own pieces,  part of the strategy is to block the enemy’s pieces from moving towards their goal.

1. The board is set initially with each player having five pieces on the points of his back row, and two others directly in front on the left and right edge of the board. This is shown in the picture.

2.. Players decide at random who is to move first. Players then take turns to play.

3. In his turn a player may move a single piece.

4. Pieces move one step diagonally forwards or backwards.

5. A piece may not jump over another.

6. There are no captures in this game.

7. Only one piece may occupy a point at any one time. Thus it is possible to block the opponent’s pieces from moving.

8. The game is ended when one player has moved across the board, occupying all the points on which the opponent started.

9. If a player leaves pieces in his initial starting position to permanently block the other player, his opponent may win by occupying just the squares he has vacated.

10. If neither player can get past the other, then they can both agree the game as drawn.


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