Jumbo Ciphers Disks - 3 sizes- custom designs - Escape Rooms

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These are primarily intended for Escape Room applications, but could be used by anyone as a fun and secure cipher tool.

There are 3 sizes available:

16 inch dia.,    14 inch dia ,    11.5 inch dia.

Each as 3 wheels.  One wheel has the numbers 1 thru 26.  The next wheel has all the letters of the alphabet.  The 3rd wheel has 26 different symbols.

Knowing how to align the wheels gives on the ability to create coded messages.    For instance, if one knows that the chicken symbol and the letter J must be aligned in order to start the encoding or decoding process, then the code  9-6-13-17  spells out  “HELP” ;  (9 lines up with “H”, 6 lines up with “E”, etc…)    or the code C-A-P-S would be decoded as the numbers 4-2-17-20.   There are as many ways to use the wheels as your imagination can come up with.  On the video I provide a couple more ways.

These are high quality units that are custom made in our Hudson, Fl shop and we can offer these models as a standard or custom make them to your specs.  Symbols used can modified to fit your themes in most cases at modest added cost.  

Standard costs to provide units as shown in the video are  16 in - $155   14 inch - $125   11.5 inch - $99.  This would include laser engaving your name or message on the top cap.   Additional costs would be incurred if you wanted customized symbols or other sizes or variations.

Contact Dave Janelle at www.CreativeCrafthouse.com

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  • Model: CiphersJumbo
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs
  • Manufactured by: Creative Crafthouse

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