Mag Lock Box double with Hidden Drawer - custom top to your spec


Our goals for this design were to test our craftsmanship to the limits and develop a unique puzzle design that would be difficult, stunning, and durable with artwork that can be custom made to the owner’s needs and a solution combination that can be changed over time.   A tall order indeed….

We hope you will like the results.  Each one will come with a custom top panel made to your specifications.  You can select an artwork theme or custom text/message and define what the 12 numbers or letters or figures will be around the outer edge.  We have access to a lot of artwork including our own designs and what is freely available on the net.  We can also use your custom artwork as long as you can provide it on vector format black/white.  Note also that the panels containing the artwork are removable and can be replaced with a new panel of alternate artwork.  Thus the box is very flexible and could be used in various environments if you order different top panels (available as an option).

The box measures 8.5 x 6.6 x 4.5 on the outside. Visible wood is solid mahogany and maple each with a fine lacquer finish. It is strikingly heavy at 4.3 lbs because as noted, we made this box to last and withstand even within the rigors of an Escape Room Environment.  No box will withstand the unreasonable force of someone determined to open it with excess force, but this one comes close…

The box will come with four mahogany pieces with an embedded magnet.  If these are placed on the correct positions on the top of the box then the drawer can be opened.  There are 492 possible combinations, so it’s difficult but not crazily so.  You can select the combination of numbers, letters, or symbols that you want to open the box.  Note that nothing should be repeated on the top.  You can also change this combination later on by removing a few screws and rearranging internal magnets in the box.  As an option you can order the box with five magnets required to open the box.  This increases the degree of difficulty to 792 possible combinations.

With the drawer open you have an internal area to hold an item that measures 2.5 x 5.7 x .7 inches.   From all appearances, there are no more challenges to the box.    BUT, there is….  there is a hidden drawer.    If you take the drawer completely out and look inside the opening of the box, you will see a switch.  Yet when you move it nothing happens….  Here’s the secret; the right side mahogany panel of the box will slide forward and can be removed.  You will see a recess and a handle.  If the internal switch is moved to the left, when you pull on the handle a drawer will open!  This drawer has an arched configuration , but will fit a square object of 4 x 3.5 x .7” deep or up to a 5 inch long object if the object width is only about 1.5 inches.

The design and craftsmanship for this box is primarily the work of our own Robert Justiana.  It combines skilled handworking, CNC router work and laser work.  Copyright 2018 Creative Crafthouse.

Please see the video and the details of this complex box can be better understood.

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  • Model: Mag Lock Double
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