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Wholesale is our specialty. Selection, quality, price and personalized serivce.

Thank you for your interest in our wholesale program. We are seeking long term relationships and will work hard to earn your trust & respect.

Our wholesale client list is small but growing and includes Specialty Retail & Gift Stores, Mall Kiosks, Tampa Museum of Science (MOSI), Coffee Shops, other Internet Sellers of Puzzles, and also individuals who sell them at various local festivals or events. We have small stores in Japan, Canada, Netherlands, and Cyprus that carry our product.

Our puzzles, particularly the wooden ones, are unusual and difficult to find in the retail marketplace. There is great demand for them across all ages and demographics. As such, they can be an excellent opportunity for select retail operations. Ideal is the owner operated establishment where the staff can get to know the puzzles, display some open puzzles for customers to handle, and work with customers on which ones will best fit their needs.

Many of our puzzles are unique. We have 14 copyrights on designs and instructions, and have revived puzzles from the past that haven't been built for generations. We are always looking for new wood puzzles to build in our shop and welcome ideas from customers and puzzle designers. We have design and production capability that is unusual in puzzles of this modest price range. You can count on us to provide the largest selection of wood puzzles available in the USA and to continually be working to add and upgrade the line.

We stock large quanitities of the more popular puzzles and have the ability to produce large quanitites of nearly anything on short notice, so the puzzles and games will be there when you need them.

We provide a great deal of support in getting you started. Included in your initial package will be display pads, POP signs, and selling tips for most of the puzzles. We have alot of experience in selling the puzzles directly to the public, so we understand them and the target audience for each puzzle. We will be happy to spend as much time as you need to help you select the right puzzles for your operation, and to make sure you know the best ways to sell them. We are committed to supporting your success

Very soon you will be able to place your wholesale order directly through the website if you'd like, though we suspect most people will continue to call or email a list, its up to you.

Please call me (352-346-5953) if you have questions or want to sign up for an account.

Order by Phone 352-346-5953   (7 days/wk 8 am - 8 pm EST)
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