Personal favorites

Our family's personal favorites Dave, Gym, Justin , Jason

First let me qualify this by recognizing that our personal favorites may not be yours....this is just another source of info that may assist you in selecting the right puzzle. We forced ourselves to limit it to 3 puzzles.

I (Dave) am an old(er) man, engineer, moderate patience level, like analytical thinking.
My are my favorites:
1. Shippers Dilemma - the ultimate analytical puzzle. I nickname it "the engineer's puzzle". So hard, yet a solution that is sooooo elegant. The solution sheet that Mike Czerwinski wrote will walk you through the mental thought process required to solve it.
2. Century Cube - I knickname this one "the archetect's puzzle". You really need amazing spatial skills to be able to see how these 6 pieces goes together. I made this from plans on paper, but I'm pretty sure that I would not have solved it if given the puzzle. Love it, as with only 6 pieces you'd think it would be easy..... hah!
3. The 4x4x4 Snake - the regular 3x3x3 snake is really fun; it has a showoff factor that just can't be beat. But there is something special about the 4x4x4. 5 hours is a REALLY good time to solve this without the instructions, but when you get good at it 45 secs is achievable. Takes a lot of practice, I love it... Note, this is a new product

Gym is a fine fiesty middle aged (yet much younger looking..) woman who really enjoys crafts. Her favorites are:
1. Snake (regular 3x3x3 premium) - She loves to solve it about 8 seconds as people look on in amazement
2. Shippers Dilemma Y - this is a puzzle that will make a cube 1200 ways, yet she has only solved it once. Its fun to keep fiddling with the pieces though.
3. Tower (of Hanoi). She solved the 9 ring versions FAST. Faster than me for sure.... She see patterns well. The new Tower Jedi Style is a favorite due to its beauty, though it only has seven rings

Justin is a particularly bright 10 yr old with quite a bit of puzzle interest and expereince.
His favorites are:
1. Snake (regular 3x3x3) - He's the champ at about a 6 sec solution time, and can do it behind his back in about 20 secs.
2. Dice Cube Challenge - He likes all the levels of difficulty that this offers, and has solved the red dot dice cube
3. Great Escape - He has memorized that pattern and can do all 115 steps in a row.

Jason is an 8 yr old who is more into TV than puzzles, but he really enjoys
1. Soma Cube - he has worked for hours at a time just making different cubes
2, Shut the Box #1-9 - he plays alot by himself, just trying to shut the box.
3. Egg Tangram - this was one of the first that he "mastered" and he likes to go back to it alot.

If you and/or members of your family have a favorite and want to drop me a line, if I get enough responses, I will start a resource page to record these to share with other folks.
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