Our Mission

Our mission is to bring back quality wood brain teaser puzzles and games to the mainstream of American culture by offering a wide range of products with both traditional and new designs all priced very affordably. 

We will market them with a clear explanation of each puzzle and what it specifically has to offer so that the customer will find the right puzzle for their situation and be so pleased that they will want to try another.   We will sell them directly but also market them to specialty shops or internet sites where the store owner can supply that extra service to match the customer with just the right puzzle.  

An important goal is to provide clear instructions that are a step or to above what has traditionally been provided with instructions.  In some cases we will provide instructions that will walk you through the mental thought process of how to think through the solution. This is a journey as we are constantly working on improvements.   (note, some companies do not provide any instructions as they are difficult to make).

We will be on call 7 days a week to provide direct support to both retail and wholesale customers to help with puzzle selection or solutions or to deal with any issues that arise.

100+ years ago puzzles were a relatively common form of entertainment for all ages and appreciated for what they did to develop the mind.  They faded slowly with the coming of so many other forms of entertainment until now they are hard to find,  except for some of the junk you may see occasionally coming out of China and sold at mass merchants.   Note, we import nothing from China and either make our own or deal directly with sources that make puzzles to our specifications or that already have a quality and value that meets our standards (like Japanese puzzle boxes or our wire puzzles from Canada).

We are constantly looking to learn and improve. We appreciate the active puzzle community and work with individuals who bring us new designs or ask us to resurrect old designs.

We appreciate and value each of our customers and hope to establish long term loyal relationships.  Sometimes you may be surprised by extras that we pack in your box:)

Thanks for your support!

Dave and Gym

Spring Hill, FL  352-683-6649

Order by Phone 352-346-5953   (7 days/wk 8 am - 8 pm EST)
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