Mind Bender Brain Teaser Puzzles

At Creative Crafthouse, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality, handcrafted wood mind-bender and brainteaser puzzles and games. We know that logic, reasoning and analytical skills are all vital to cognitive development. The earlier your child or student can hone these skills, the better off he or she will be in life.

We also know that adults, like children, enjoy a challenge and will work at something for hours on end just to find the answer. That's why we offer some of the best mind benders around. We've got one of the the largest selection of wood puzzles anywhere and are constantly updating our inventory.

The puzzles and games we offer come in varying degrees of difficulty, from one (easy) to hard (five). For beginners, puzzles on level one consist of games like the Soma Cube, Cross Sticks and the Soccer Ball. For puzzle aficionados looking for a mind-bending challenge, try your hands and mind at some level five puzzles: the Nightmare Box (Hint: it's named that for a reason!), Mouse Maze, or Cage the Moon. The Great Escape is also an extremely challenging level five game.

Whatever your puzzle or game preference, we've got a product that meets it. And if you're an educator who's not sure which games would be right for you and your students, let us help. We specialize in matching groups with the right games to challenge your group at the right levels. We also offer puzzle sets like our 6 Puzzle Set in Box, which includes six premium puzzles like Moon Cage and Snake, for hours of challenges for different ages.

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