Tangram Puzzle

A tangram is a wooden puzzle believed to be of Chinese origin that consists of seven pieces. Tangrams became popular as parlor games in England during the 19th century when English sailors who had been to Hong Kong brought the game back with them. It then carried over to American popularity a little later. Here at Creative Crafthouse, we offer tangrams in a number of styles and sizes: a 7-piece square tangram (3 sizes), an Egg tangram, a Heart tangram and 4 letter tangrams.

Our 7-piece square tangram is the classic choice. Able to make thousands of shapes, the object of the puzzle is to make specific shapes in the shortest amount of time. We provide two solution sheets with 72 different shapes, but there are countless possibilities. Popular shapes include rabbits, horses, bridges and more.

The 7-piece version comes in large, small, and ex-small sizes, with the small version featuring a flip-top lid. The other sizes come with a wood cover to keep your pieces secure.

We also offer an atypical 9-piece tangram with pieces from an egg-shaped piece of wood. Our Egg tangram will make 54 different bird shapes and every solution uses all nine pieces. A follow-up to the popular 7-piece version, the Egg tangram is equally as fun. The Heart tagnram is quite rare and very attractive with its 2 color woods. Our Letter tangram puzzles are deceptively hard. Themed by a letter; F, T, H or K are available.

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