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As a family business since 2002, we at Creative Crafthouse pride ourselves on offering challenging games that benefit students of all ages in a number of ways. They increase focus and determination, teach patience, and generally get students interested in problem solving and learning. Teachers know how hard it can be to get students involved in their own studies, which is why we're happy to make our high-quality games and puzzles available to educators. With our unique items, not only are you getting reliable teaching tools, but you'll also get them at terrific prices.

We specialize in teacher and administrative support, and encourage you to contact us for special rates or orders. The more you order, the less expensive each item will be! With our already low rates, this deal is simply unbeatable. In addition, we can offer advice as to which games or puzzles would be right for your specific student's needs.

Some children are bored in class and constantly need new challenges. For this reason, we offer puzzles that can challenge and engage every child. For example, Shut the Box is a fast-paced math drill game with very high appeal to kindergarten through fourth grade students. For students in grades 3 to 7, Shut Box in the X-large style uses the numbers 1 to 12 and multiplication can be used as well as addition. This game fosters educational value and children's interests at the same time, a rare combination, and is our best seller to the educational community. we also highly recommend the Soma Cube, which develops 3 dimensional spacial visualization skills in an endless number of challenges.

Check our website frequently for new products. We highly value education and educators and love to introduce new products for learning. Plus, in addition to the puzzles themselves, you will also often receive a history of the puzzle and its origins, bringing an added historical and cultural dimension to the learning experience.

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