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Wholesale is our specialty.   Selection, quality, price and great service.  Schools, science museums and individuals alike buy and love our wood puzzles and games, and we encourage retailers to carry our products. We offer wholesale prices and discounts to store owners, company buyers, and individuals who show at festivals and events. We're proud to have one of the largest selection of high-quality wood brain teaser puzzles in the country and offer our items at low prices. We feel we have the best price to quality ratio around.

We offer most of our puzzles and games at attractive wholesale rates. Choose from our most popular puzzles or carry the entire line. We provide extensive and personal support in helping you be successful. This includes POP, display pads, and help in selecting puzzles to fit your demographics.

Most people remember playing with wooden toys as a child. These types of items have nostalgic powers that modern games lack. They also challenge kids more than a video game or a stuffed animal. For adults, not only do they spark memories of the past, but they also provide an entertaining keepsake that they can pass on to their children.

The difficulty of our puzzles ranges from one (easy) to six (very hard). Really tough puzzles include the Shippers Dilemma Z, the Century Cube and others. These would be great to sell in a bookstore or in a hobby shop. Our less difficult games are particularly at home in children's bookstores and toyshops. They range from the T Puzzle to the Rubber Band Snatch and dozens of games too.

When we can, we try to provide historical information with each of our games or puzzles. This could be as simple as the year it was invented or a complete history of name changes and traditional legacies.

Please contact us via phone (352-683-6649) or email (DJ51@aol.com) and we will be happy to further discuss your needs and how we might work together.

Dave Janelle

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