Brain Teaser Puzzles

Brain teaser puzzles are superb learning tools. We sell many of our puzzles to teachers, home school instructors and science museums. The skills obtained by students and adults through these puzzles are immeasurable, not to mention fun!

We offer puzzles that sharpen focus and increase problem solving ability. Young and old alike experience the limitless value of these puzzles. Our brain teaser puzzles come in varying degrees of difficulty and we are constantly adding to our large selection. We have "take apart" puzzles and "put together" puzzles, maze puzzles, logic and peg puzzles, string puzzles, fun coffee table or desktop puzzles and more.

We sell box sets of puzzles, math-specific puzzles, wooden games. We have specific games that are recommended for children between five and 12 and would be happy to provide you personalized service in selecting puzzles that will best fit your need. We can make a personalized recommendation for a gift choice or puzzles for a specific age group. We can even personalize your puzzles with our own laser engraving capability.

We know of no other site that offers the great selection, pricing, speed of delivery, personal service, and satisfaction guarentee as Creative Crafthouse.

When we say our puzzles are timeless, we mean it--many of our puzzles date back to the 1800s, with most predating 1930. The Tower Puzzle was created in 1883 and has been known by several names over the years. The basic concept remains: move the tower to one of two pegs without placing the larger ring over the smaller ring. Might look easy, but like most of our puzzles, looks can be deceiving.

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