Mind Bender Mansion

Perhaps you have visited an exhibit that is traveling to various Science and other Museums in the country called Mind Bender Mansion.  Its a great experience that will drop you into the middle of what our puzzles are all about.  You will get to touch and experience many types of puzzles that will challenge many parts of your brain.  Some you will solve (most you will not) but its entertaining and exciting.  

Puzzles will develop focus and concentration, patience, determination, problems solving skills, and in some cases dexterity.  By starting at a difficulty level appropriate to age and experience, you can really build skills over time.

Besides degree of difficulty, mind bender puzzles are of various types and tend to work different parts of the brain depending on their type.  There are some that are very spatial in their nature.  Soma Cube is the classic for this type of puzzle. Century Cube is perhaps an extreme example of a tough spatial puzzle. Others mind benders work the logic and pattern part of the brain, such as Tower of Hanoi.  Others are math focused, like Revolving Century or Washington Monument.  Many require a combination of brain skills involving both spatial and patterns,

We offer many of the same puzzles you will see at Mind Bender Mansion plus hundreds more.  Call or email us if we can help you in selecting puzzles that will fit your needs and goals.

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