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We are a family business since 2002 committed to bringing you one of the finest selection of quality wood handcrafted puzzles and games in the USA, at very reasonable prices. Many of our puzzles come from our own shop and are a step or two above the quality that you see in other places. The puzzle may be the same design and look the same in the picture on the other site, but our quality is often considerably higher. And many of our instructions are so good that we copyright them and hope to publish a book (someday...) on how to solve difficult puzzles. .

We believe in the value of puzzles. They promote focus, determination, confidence, and creative thinking that is healthy for all ages, AND you can have FUN in the process!! Reports have indicated that using your brain in such a fashion develops new neural synapses. Most recognize the value of this for youngsters, but many Doctors also recommend this activity for seniors to keep their minds active and healthy.

We show our puzzles regularly at Festivals and Craftshows in Florida so we are very familiar with which puzzles appeal to various age groups or situations. Please contact us if you want some advice on which puzzles may best fit your needs.

We also do research on the puzzles and in many cases can provide historical info on them.

We create many of our own instructions for the puzzles, and strive to make them above what others may offer in terms of clarity and ease of use.

We are always searching for new puzzles and some of our ideas have come from customers. Be sure to contact me if you have one that you think we should make.

Check back with us regularly to see what is new.

We value our customers and appreciate your business. And we guarentee your satisfaction. Any problems, we'll make it good.

Many of our puzzles are on display and sale at museums around the country including MOSI, the museum of Science in Tampa, FL.

We specialize in supporting School Teachers and Administrators and Home Schooling groups. Please contact me for to discuss your needs. We discount volume buys to educational groups.

We also sell wholesale to select retail stores in the US and other countries. We encourage you to inquire.  We provide lots of start-up support  and on-going service.

David & Gym Janelle

1196 Waterfall Dr

Spring Hill, Florida 34608

PHONE/Fax: 352-683-6649

EMAIL: DJ51@aol.com


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